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Remember those shirts they used to sell in Macy's that said things like "is it chicken or tuna?" and "you're fired!"?

Did anyone ever buy and actually wear those?
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some haikus from sophmore year

By me:

Too long for flood pants
Too short for standard trousers
What fresh hell is this?

Locks dark as the night
Streaked with ultra-blonde highlights
Baby Jesus weeps

Put down the lotions
Lest you cause asthma attacks.
Those scents don't mesh well.

I don't recommend
Giving high heels to the likes
Of Timbs and sneakers.

By Tara:

Lesbians should not
Know more about fashion than
You. Call Ru, A-SAP.

Navy blue and black.
Is ugly back in style?
I missed the memo.

Dayglo hat? Only
Cat can rock that estilo
Don't try that at home.